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Payroll Invoice Factoring

Turns your outstanding invoices into capital for your business.

Payroll factoring has become a common capital resource utilized by small business owners. In recent years, this type of alternative business lending has helped companies expand into new territories, purchase new equipment and double inventory to ensure optimal production. 

Why Choose Accounts Receivable Financing?

Eliminate the Wait

Payroll factoring enables a business with the ability to take on more projects without increasing respective payroll obligations.

Set Your Own Limits

Why base your worth on a credit score number when you can access funding based on real figures such as your actual production revenue?

Increase Monthly Revenue

Stop limiting your production output due to the fear of not making payroll. Account receivables financing may be just what you need.

Getting the Facts

Your TUPS Capital Financial Counselor showcase your options and will help you decide if account receivables financing is the right choice to help your business get ahead of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Account Receivables Financing?

Also referred to as business payroll factoring, account receivables financing is the concept of utilizing the outstanding invoices of your business to finance payroll expenses. Much like a traditional business loan, payroll factoring can help small business owners get ahead of production without increasing the upfront capital needed. 

Is there an application fee?

No. There is no fee, cost or obligation when applying for account receivables financing through TUPS Capital.

How can the funds be used?

There is no restriction or allocation requirements associated with account receivables financing. Small business owners typically use this type of funding product to expand production without placing a strain on payroll liabilities. 

Can I apply if I use a Payroll Service?

Yes. The method a small business utilizes for their payroll services does not affect the ability to apply for account receivables financing. However, additional information may be requested from your lender for record confirmation. 

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